Karli offers a number of services to schools and universities, companies, non-profit organizations, hospitals, government services, parents, students, victims and survivors.

Event Keynote

Karli has shared her personal stories as a featured keynote for graduations, conferences, rallies, marches, colleges and universities, jr high and middle school assemblies, and other community events.
Although her focus and expertise is in Power Based Personal Violence, Karli also presents on: women and gender studies, higher education, education foundations, leadership, mentorship, creating and running a small business, career development, marketing, and how to live a meaningful life. 

Classroom Education

Karli has presented to thousands of grade school, middle, jr. high, high school and college students across the country. Karli's unique approach of humor and storytelling is why students are engaged, attentive and keep asking for more. 

Professional Trainings & Mentorship

Karli has presented professional career development training to teachers and educators, students, parents and guardians, health care professionals, military and law enforcement, business owners and other business professionals across the country. 
Karli has mentored speakers, survivors, advocates, interns and activists for over 6 years.


Karli has provided professional consulting in violence prevention, program curriculum, and business management to schools, universities, multimillion worldwide businesses, & non-profit organization. 

Commentary & Guest

Karli has been featured as a guest on news television, newsprint, event panels, podcasts, and blogs by sharing her stories and knowledge of Power Based Personal Violence and Education. 


If you have questions on services or topics, please reach out to